About Us - Pastelaria Batalha
Pastelaria Batalha. Os nossos produtos de pastelaria e padaria são produzidos segundo as mais antigas e tradicionais receitas. Algumas destas receitas, como é o caso do nosso premiado Parrameiro, passaram pela nossa família de geração em geração até aos dias de hoje.
pastelaria batalha, pastelaria tradicional portuguesa
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A little bit of history

Founded in 1990, committed to tradition and quality, Pastelaria Batalha is present in three locations in the district of Lisbon.

Pastelaria Batalha, valuing the art of its ancestors, uses original traditional recipes that passed from Mother to Daughter over four generations.

Attentive to quality standards, Pastelaria Batalha makes all of its cakes using the most demanding processes of hygiene and food safety, yet retaining the traditional flavours of yesteryears.

Parrameiro is the traditional cake of Charneca, a village where for many years inhabitants main sustenance was baking this cake. This cake is also known as Ferradura or Cake of the Bride and Groom.

This last designation comes from the times when it was considered a noble cake and was only available for some privileged few or on great party days such as weddings and major events.



“White Clothing Village”

Charneca (Venda do Pinheiro) had the privilege of seeing the birth of actress Beatriz Costa who even though didn’t end up living for that long in her native land, never denied her origins, always affirming herself as a saloia (person from the countryside) and with great pride.

In 2008, on the occasion of the well-deserved tribute Charneca through to actress Beatriz Costa during the centenary of her birth, added the designation Aldeia da Roupa Branca (the title of one of the main films starring the same in 1938), from now on to be known by Charneca – “White Clothing Village”.

“The theater became the reason for my living, the public, the object of my care, for him now, my smiles, for him, I wear my garrulous clothes … He is my boyfriend ! “

Name and Logo

The name Batalha originates from the family name that is behind the success of this brand, where parents and children, two generations of pastry lovers, work side by side.

Because the famous Beatriz Costa was born in Charneca and because she was very fond of Parrameiros, Pastelaria Batalha wanted to pay her homage by referring to the “Most Famous of Saloias”, as the actress was known.

In the logo we can also remember the unforgettable black fringe that appears in the middle of the traditional saloio scarf, whose pattern is used in the image of the Pastelaria Batalha brand.

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